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multi-sport coaching for all skill levels

The Coaching System Used by Texas State Triathlon

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Personalized Coaching

Trusted by Division 1 athletes, available to athletes of all experience levels. With one-on-one coaching, you will have an experienced and dedicated triathlon coach to help you train and prepare to perform at your very best on race day.

Whether you are looking for a high-performance experience, have been doing this a while and just need some guidance, or are a total beginner, there is an option for you!

Stroke Analysis & Plans

The go-to service for open water stroke refinement and amazing training plans. Choose whether you are looking to build skills for a triathlon or if swimming is your main sport. We can facilitate growth in your stroke.  

Stroke analysis session appointments are available and booked around the athlete's schedule. Please book a consultation to make sure we get you scheduled for a time and location that meets your specific needs.


5K to Full Marathon -
and beyond

Whether it is a 5K that you are trying to get started with or PR, or you are going for a marathon or beyond - we can help!

Our athletes have achieved personal bests in half marathons, completed their first ever major road running races, and have improved their run segments of triathlon.

Amazing Athletic Results

- 135 mile Hawaiian Island Circumnavigation -

- Age-Group 3rd in State Triathlon -

- 70.3 Age Group Winner -

- Fueling plan for 70.3 World Championship qualifying race -

- Junior Age Group 2d place -

- Junior 3d place overall -

- 70.3 2d overall -

- State champion butterfly swim times -

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